Part 3: Patience

Lorne, Victoria - by BMcIvr

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I stood in the middle of the street at the top of the hill, taking giant, euphoric gulps of air. I grinned with delight as I watched the moon shining through the scattered clouds and onto the rippling surface of the ocean. All I could hear was the wind in the trees and the waves gently lapping on the beach. With May ushering in a winter chill that normally lasts till about October, the seaside town of Lorne, packed with tourists during the summer months, had returned to its permanent population of less than a thousand. But with the locals all tucked up in bed, I had the town to myself. I gleefully trotted and skipped down the steep hill to the bottom, turned around, then sprinted back to the top.

Suddenly, the world seemed full of promise and...

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